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1. Personal Donation Policy

2. Business Donation Policy

Personal Donation Policy

The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Association wishes to acknowledge the importance of gifts and donations to the ongoing development and preservation of this exceptional trail system. Individuals, Foundations, Corporations and Community Groups are all invited to participate. This policy will:

  1. Provide appropriate, timely and donor-centered recognition of all charitable donations;
  2. Guide the public recognition and acknowledgment of major donors;
  3. Provide public evidence of philanthropic activity demonstrating that the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail enjoys considerable external support; encouraging others to invest in the trail.


The purpose of this Policy is to clarify process related to the receipt of gifts and sponsorship to the KTCTA and ensure compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policy and rules as related to charitable giving. The Fred DeNure Donor Wall will be used to recognize donations that assist in the construction of additional trail and ensure the trail’s sustainability, as defined by this policy.


Donations are recognized based on level of contribution. Income tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more. For donations above $100 the donor's name is placed on the Fred DeNure Donor Wall on the trail at Fleming College. Numerous other forms of honouring donors are possible as they directly relate to special projects or specific fundraising initiatives. Contributions are encouraged.

General financial contributions are needed to meet ongoing operational costs. However, contributions can be made for specific use, including easy-rest benches, bike parks, and information shelters. In-kind donations of products or services are welcome.

Fred Denure Donor Wall

The Fred Denure Donor wall is located on an outside wall of the Natural Resources Law Building adjacent to the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail at Fleming College, Frost Campus, Lindsay Ontario.

The KTCTA will recognize donations of $100 or more on a donor wall by inscribing the name on a special plaque according to the name stated on the donor form. For this wall, donations are cumulative and donors will be able to move to the higher donor level. The following categories will be used:

  1. Trail Champion - $1,000 and more
  2. Trail Master - $500 - $999
  3. Trail Blazer - $100 - $499
  4. Trail Maker - $50 - $99
  5. Trail Supporter - $49 and less

Donor Wall Names: Upon sufficient names being accumulated each Spring and Fall the Fred Denure Donor Wall will be updated with new names.

Notification Name on Wall: The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail website will provide notice of “new” names that have been added to the wall.

Application for Name on Wall: The donor form must be completed by the donor to indicate that they want the name listed on the wall. If there is no completed form, the funds received will be treated as a donation only and will not be listed on the wall.

Definitions of Terms

The KTCTA is committed to the highest ethical standards of philanthropy and development and reserves the right to decline any gift that is deemed not to be in the best interest of the KTCT or that is beyond our resources to manage. Gifts are accepted on the condition that if a use is stipulated by the donor, it is consistent with the mission, policies and objectives of the KTCTA.

Gifts of Money: monetary gifts are not restricted leaving the decision to the KTCTA to fund areas of need.

Donor Records: The KTCTA shall maintain all donor records, the contents of which shall remain confidential unless the donor agrees otherwise.

Releases: Media releases will be made in honour of those who donate $10,000 or more upon receipt of their donation.

Media Event: Special media announcements will be arranged in honour of those who donate $25,000 or more within a year of their donation.

Official Tax Receipts: Tax receipts are issued for all donations of $20 and more. For donation amounts less than $20, receipts are issued upon request only. For in kind donations, official receipts will be issued provided that the value of the donation exceeds $20 and a third party, commissioned by the KTCTA, has provided written appraisal of the donations worth.

Sponsorship: is traditionally defined as financial support of an event or activity. As such, the donator is not eligible for a charitable tax receipt. As well, if funds are provided for an event or activity whereby promotion, marketing, recognition or other direct benefits are received due to this sponsorship, their name will not be listed on the Fred Denure Donor Wall.

Letters of Appreciation: Letters of appreciation and receipts are issued automatically when donations are received. A separate letter will be sent on account of “in memory of” or “in honour of” donations to the person stated in the donor form.

Annual Newsletter: Annual newsletter will be used to raise awareness, report progress, and recognize donations. Donors of over $50 will be recognized in the newsletter during the year of their donation.

Listing on Website: All donations of $50 or more that have the name stated on the donor wall will be listed on the KTCTA website within a year of the donation with the specific year of the donation noted.

Business Donation Policy

Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Association, as a not for profit charitable organization, gratefully accepts business sponsorships to support its mission relevant activities. KTCTA will not solicit or accept sponsorships/donations from business/corporate entities whose practices, policies, or operations are deemed unacceptable and contrary to the values of the Association.


  1. To improve the urban and rural environment by developing and maintaining a recreational trail or greenway linking communities.
  2. To organize and participate in environmental projects designed to preserve and protect flora and fauna.
  3. To educate and increase public awareness, appreciation,  and understanding of the environment by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting and disseminating information.
  4. To promote active and healthy lifestyles by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings,  and by  collecting and disseminating information on the Trail's  five core uses--hiking,  walking, cycling, horseback riding and snowmobiling.

Statement of Policy

KTCTA actively solicits and encourages individuals, the business community, service clubs, and other organizations to donate to the KTCT. This policy is designed to be mindful of KTCT’s status as a nonprofit charitable organization under the law. KTCTA reserves the right to refuse or decline any offer of donation at its absolute discretion or to negotiate with the donor concerning any aspect of a proposed donation.

Business donors, upon request, and in exchange for the beneficial donation of cash, or quantifiable products, and/or services-in-kind in excess of $100.00 will be acknowledged with a letter of appreciation, and a charitable donation tax receipt if the gift is eligible under CRA rules.  Additionally, and subject to prior approval of the KTCTA and Fleming College, business donors will be eligible for recognition of any donation greater than $1000.00 by having its business name identified on the Fred Denure Donation Wall, located at Fleming College Lindsay.

Policy Guidelines

KTCTA welcomes corporate/business donations in support of its organizational efforts subject to the following guidelines:

  • KTCTA will not accept a corporate donation that reflects in a negative manner on the organization, does not align with its mission statement, or is not in the best interest of the organization as determined by Board of Directors.
  • For guidance, KTCTA will not accept corporate donations for certain categories of products and services, including alcohol products, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons, tobacco products or establishments, sexual escort services, gambling opportunities or casinos, weight-loss products or plans, and check cashing services.
  • For guidance, the acceptance of a corporate donation will in no way represent KTCTA endorsement, directly or by implication, of the donor organization, its products, services, or ideals.
  • For guidance, the KTCTA will at all times retain control over its operations and projects,  and donor input will be limited to any term negotiated at the time of donation.
  • This policy is not applicable to philanthropic contributions, grants, or unsolicited donations for which no benefits accrue to the KTCTA.


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