COVID-19 UPDATE: Walking, hiking, and cycling use is permitted on the KTCT provided appropriate physical distancing is observed.


Approved March 26, 2009

A Special Event shall be defined as: any specific activity on the KTCTA which is promoted by a third party organization; with or without an attached fee. (e.g. walkathon, bike-a-thon, etc) Additionally, a special event will also be interpreted as any (organized) activity or outing which would be intended for more than 25 participants on one date. (e.g. nature hike)

  1. Purpose
    1. To provide opportunities for recreation, group activity, and fund raising where compatible with the objectives for use of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail and;
    2. To reduce potential for conflict among Trail users, other special events and trail maintenance activities and;
    3. To ensure the continued enjoyment of the KTCT by all permitted users.
  2. Criteria for analysis of recreational activities
    1. Activities will be monitored for compliance and impact on the trail corridor. Continued use will be evaluated on these results.
    2. Activity should not require significant KTCTA resources for administration and monitoring.
    3. Activity must not pose significant liability concerns to the KTCTA.
    4. Activity must be in line with mandate of the KTCTA and not be contrary to other Provincial legislation including (but not limited to) the Greenbelt Plan, Species at Risk Act, Highway Traffic Act, Off Road Vehicles Act, Trespass to Property Act, Occupier’s Liability Act)
  3. Requirements for Event Applicants
    1. Special Event application must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the planned event. Proof of insurance at time of request
    2. Map indicating section(s) of the trail you wish to use
    3. Temporary signs (if used), may be placed 7 days prior to the event and removed 3 days after.
    4. The event organizer is responsible for obtaining any required road permits, and police notification.
    5. Special event permission is limited to use of the KTCT only.
    6. All special events must comply with all other rules of use affecting the KTCT.


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