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1. Volunteer Program

2. Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer Program


Volunteers will be viewed, by the public, as agents of the KTCTA. As such, their conduct and interaction with the public should at all times reflect the dignity of that position.

All volunteers MUST complete a KTCTA application. Volunteers who have completed and signed this application are covered by KTCTA’s liability and volunteer insurance policy while carrying out their duties.


Volunteers are expected to assist the KTCTA for a minimum of 8 hours per year in order to remain within the program. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to assisting with:

  • Trail Operations
  • Fundraising
  • Communications & Promotions

Orientation Session

Volunteers will receive training in their duties from the Volunteer Coordinator- remove just say training will be provided. Training will include, but not be limited to the following areas:

  • Specific duties related to area(s) of responsibilities
  • Public relations
  • Safety
  • Risk Assessment


The Volunteer may terminate his/her service to the KTCTA at any time in writing. The KTCTA may terminate a Volunteer’s participation in the program with written notification.


All Volunteers are required to sign and complete a volunteer application in order to acknowledge they have read and understand the expectations of the volunteer program.

The Volunteer must recognize that that they may be subject to some inherent risks while performing their duties and take precautions to avoid any injury.

No remuneration will be paid to a Volunteer.

Volunteer Recognition

Barb MacPherson, Secretary
49 Mohawk Drive, Lindsay

Category for nomination:
76+ volunteers


The Kawartha Lakes Green Trails Alliance comprises of individuals and organizations that promote for and encourage affordable recreational trails and greenway opportunities with the City of Kawartha Lakes. The enhancement of recreational trails and greenways with consideration for the environment is also an objective of the Alliance as well as the promotion of opportunities for a physically active and healthy life style for residents within the City of Kawartha Lakes. The Green Trails Alliance believe these objectives contribution to the sustainability of a system of trails for the health, economic, social and environmental benefits of all residents and visitors to the City of Kawartha Lakes.

The Trails Alliance has been organized for approximately two years and obtained not-for-profit status in April 2006.

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer’s are constantly recognized in our organization by ensuring distribution of copies of important notices - either by personal delivery to homes or electronically. Members and Directors are complemented and recognized at meetings and special events for their efforts. Training opportunities are sent out by email, telephone call or personal home visit to encourage participation. Organizational policy is being discussed and developed to provide financial assistance for volunteers to attend training workshop as funds are available. Personal emails are sent by Executive Committee Directors offering praise for efforts and assistance to members and directors.


Volunteer Training

As a relatively young organization formal training programs have not been created. Directors and members are made aware of training opportunities offered by other organizations that would benefit the Green Trails Alliance and its members. For example for Trails Day there was training on site and off site to prepare for this special fund raising event.

At bi-annual membership meetings technical training is offered for Directors and members- there has been seminars offered in the development of trail standards and costs, Ontario Provincial Policy for Trails, and a seminar on Trail building and Operating a Trail presented by the Lakefield Trail Club. Other seminar opportunities are being planned for risk management and insurance for trails.

Volunteers have been trained in the inventory of trail data and how to assess trail conditions and standards. Green Trail members and directors have attended seminars on trail economics, trail safety and environment issues and submitted briefs to City of Kawartha Lakes Trail Master Plan.

The most recent workshop being attended by Directors is the “Working with Media and Marketing Essentials for Non Profit Organizations”. These workshops are being offered in April 2007 and several directors will be attending these workshops.

Volunteer Screening

Members are not screened. Information is provided about the Kawartha Lakes Green Trails Alliance and if an individual believes in the mandate of the Alliance and wants to assist in working towards this mission within the City of Kawartha Lakes, they are welcomed to join.

Members interested in becoming Directors are asked to submit in writing a letter outlining why they would like to be a Director for the Kawartha Green Trails Alliance. In their letter it is asked they will explain their trail experience/ interest and how they will be able to provide guidance to the Alliance. The letter is reviewed by the Executive Committee and a recommendation is made to the Board of Directors for acceptance. Some of the qualities the Committee are looking for are: - a trail enthusiast, community focused, positive attitude, willingness to volunteer, and last but not least, fun loving. The promotion of physical health is a key component for the Green Trails Alliance and candidates are expected to support this initiative.

Special Advisors who are not directors or members are asked to be listed on the Board of Directors to provide advice as it relates to a variety of trail related matters that Directors may not be knowledgeable in.

Risk Management Procedures

All organized trail events have a full detailed risk management plan prepared and implemented. For Trails Day 2006, held in October, a detailed plan was developed with first aid, signage, police, food inspection and all necessary items available with volunteers trained in safe food handling.

It is policy of the Green Trails that risk management is done for any special event and a committee is created to ensure this is done. In addition, our insurance policy requires us to prepare a risk management assessment and plan for events.

The Green Trails Alliance wishes to express our appreciation for the opportunity to share our objectives with the community.


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