Below is an archive of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail newsletter. You can click on any of the links below to download a .pdf file of our current and archived newsletters.

Our Current Newsletter

 Fall 2017 Newsletter1.8 MB

Newsletter Archive

 Spring 2017 Newsletter3.8 MB
 Fall 2016 Newsletter1.1 MB
 Spring 2016 Newsletter713 KB
 Fall 2015 Newsletter2.9 MB
 Spring 2015 Newsletter810 KB
 Fall 2014 Newsletter900 KB
 Spring 2014 Newsletter2.7 MB
 Fall 2013 Newsletter630 KB
 Spring 2013 Newsletter1.0 MB
 Fall 2012 Newsletter550 KB
 Spring 2012 Newsletter1.2 MB
 Fall 2011 Newsletter2.0 MB
 Spring 2011 Newsletter1.8 MB


Click any of the links below to download a PDF of one of our brochures, reports, or newsletters.

General Brochure 7.2 MB
Donation Brochure 2.3 MB
Donor Acknowledgement 3.6 MB
2015-16 Annual Report 600 KB
Photography Workshop 1 MB
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