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The sponsor component of the Love Your Trail Campaign is intended to attract what are referred to as ‘Five. Five. Five.’ These sponsors each agree to commit $1,000 to the association each year for five consecutive years. The intent is to establish some assurance of operational continuity in support of the trail for the next five to seven years. We are relying on the support of five businesses, five service clubs, and five benefactors each to make a $5,000 pledge. Contributions from individuals and grant sources will augment the Five. Five. Five pledges to ensure the annual operating budget can be met, plus offset unknown cost increases and special projects.

We are grateful for their support of a community trail that provides so many educational and recreational opportunities.

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FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. Testimonial

Patrick Daley, PD Realty Inc.

What motivated you to be a FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. sponsor?

Through the Omemee Lions Club, Patrick is aware of the great maintenance work the club does on the trail. One day someone asked him if he would be interested in the 5-5-5 program and he did not hesitate. The trail is a vital attraction in Omemee and living close to it, he and his family are regular users. “We love the Trail and as a valuable asset in our community, we will do whatever we can to support it,” he said.

What do you feel are the three most valuable benefits of your FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. sponsorship?

As a local business in Omemee, Patrick likes to give back to the community. The premise of $1000 for five years was appealing and it spoke to him.

Can KTCT share your thoughts on FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. sponsorship with other prospective sponsors?

Yes, gladly. As a great community asset, and with his many family connections to the trail (walking the trail to take his kids to school everyday), he knows it has great attraction to locals and visitors alike.

Are you aware of all your FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. sponsorship entitlements?

Yes, in part only, as he really has not paid much attention. He is committed based on the cause and its benefits, rather than what is in it for him and his business. He knows his sponsorship is going to a great cause and that’s good enough for him. No need for accolades basically.

Do you have any ideas on how the FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. sponsorship program can be enhanced?

Like he got involved, word of mouth among like-minded people is the best way to promote it. Ask sponsors to bring potential sponsor names/businesses to approach.

Are you likely to or open renew your FIVE. FIVE. FIVE. sponsorship?

Yes, no question. Absolutely.

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