Geocaching is a fun, family friendly way of getting everybody active outdoors. There are a number of geocaches to be discovered along the length of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail. For more information on each geocache, click the links below to be taken to their pages.

Begin exploring today to see you can find them all!

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The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Geocaching

For a fantastic and comprehensive beginners guide to Geocaching, please head over to It’s a great introduction to geocaching and will answer any questions you might have about this great outdoor pastime!

Current Active Geocaches

GC27REE Another VRT Cache
GC2AVY1 Off The Beaten Path
GC2AVX4 Manilla Junction
GC271Y2 This One’s for Jen
GC25DBK Littlest Hooligan Approved!
GC3X102 It’s Knot There
GC1DHN4 Trans Canada Crossroads 2
GC3TNM7 Blue Box Salvage
GC3XQK5 Courtesy Flush
GC17PM7 You’re Despicable
GC3TWMW It’s Our Tweet
GC1Y4HB New and Improved Rail Trail
GC51D34 Merryman
GC4PJ7W What’s Wrong with Here?
GC155D9 Ye Ole Rail Cache
GC38A3T MLRTR #8259 – Beautiful Butterfly
GC38A3V MLRTR #8260 – Hmmmmmm
GC38A3W MLRTR #8261 – Ummm
GC38A3X MLRTR #8262 – Final!?
GC1Q68A Outskirts of Town
GC380DM Railly Straight!
GC1DQCZ Midland Railroad
GC5AWN8 Jiggety-Jig!
GC5ACH7 Enjoy the Great Outdoors
GC5AJ04 Newton
GC5KNTK Slanted Post
GC3GF6G Cedar Valley
GC4E741 Clifford! Fetch!
GC2CQP0 Muggy Cedars
GC4E8T9 Muggy Cedars, You’re Either Coming or Going
GC59C1V Teresa’s Cache
GC23QXY Crab in a Tree
GC11RB1 Rotary Greenway
GC26AMZ “K” Trans Canada Trail
GC1FPXV Trestlemania
GC372HV Over the Berm
GC43MWP January 2013
GCG7KT Trestle Rail Trail
GC5AN9H Rail Trail to Omemee

Five Core Uses:

Prohibited Uses: With the exception of snowmobiles, all motorized vehicles including ATV’s and dirt bikes are not permitted on the trail.

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Hiking / Walking / Running

The trail surface is ideal for hiking, walking and running, all of which have a powerful effect on your health. There is a bench about 1 km east and west of Lindsay, Omemee & Reaboro. Walk there and back every day, enjoy the fresh air and reap the benefits.

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The trail is suitable for hybrid, cyclocross and long distance touring bikes (anything with a wider tire). Enjoy this relatively flat surface free from traffic and the flora and fauna along the way.

horseback ride icon

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a great way to enjoy the trail and experience the natural beauty of our region. The crushed limestone surface is suitable and safe for horses. Please help keep the trail beautiful and safe for other users by cleaning up after your horses.

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Cross-Country Skiing / Snowshoeing

Just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the outdoors on the trail. During winter months, the trail is an ideal location for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

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Uxbridge to Opmar Road is groomed by the ‘Heart of Ontario’ Snowmobile Club. The rest of the trail is not groomed, but snowmobiles are welcome. There is currently no route through the town of Lindsay for snowmobilers.

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