Kawartha Trans Canada Trail is dedicated to educational initiatives and believes that fostering a knowledge and love for the outdoors is important for today’s youth. The trail also provides a unique natural environment, which by nature of it’s location is easily accessible to a number of local schools.

Several elementary and secondary schools back onto or are within walking distance to the trail. The teachers of these school have taken full advantage of this valuable resource to enhance the curriculum for students in history, natural and environmental science, art, and physical education. The trail is a flat accessible outdoor classroom for all students to enjoy. This spring KTCT will be conducting a Trailathlon pilot program with Marposia E.S. to promote physical literacy on the trail. Students will walk, run, and bike set distances on the trail and track the total distance covered by all students. This will be a fun non-competitive activity to encourage trail-use by students and their families during the summer.

Lesson plans have been developed to increase awareness of the importance of local trails to society, including the social, environmental and economic benefits. It is our hope that this knowledge will encourage active participation by all age groups in the use of the trails in the City of Kawartha Lakes. The trail offers an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors, including walking, hiking, cycling, nature viewing or just enjoying the peace and quiet of the countryside. The lesson plans can be downloaded by clicking on the download link to the right.

Plant ID Guide

The next time you are out enjoying the trail, we have a guide to help you easily identify many of the common plants that can be found along your way. Click the link below in the downloads section to download a PDF of our Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Plant ID Guide.

Trails For Life Funding Project

Press Release, March 22, 2007

One of our managing partners has received notice from MPP, Mr. Jim Watson, Ministry of Health Promotion, of a grant for $10,350 under the provincial government’s Trails for Life funding program.

The grant was awarded to the KLGTA to support the creation of an Applied Trail Education and Awareness Program. This project will achieve the objectives of the KLGTA “to develop, promote and encourage affordable recreational trails and/or linear greenway opportunities within the City of Kawartha Lakes, as well as, “to promote opportunities for a physically active and healthy life style for the residents within CKL.”

The pilot project will be prepared in order that the materials can be applied to any region in the province. The KLGTA will be working with local public and high schools as well as Fleming College and Health for life, in developing educational curriculum lesson plans that can be altered to match the local trails and their environment. The curriculum will be developed for teachers, targeting courses such as physical education, geography, science, and history. Plans are to develop a step by step manual will outline the development processes used to prepare this applied trail educational awareness program.

The project directly links to the Ontario Trails Strategy by focusing on infrequent users including women, youth, and people with a disability.

This project will also promote active, healthy lifestyles. As part of the provinces Educational mandate, the trails would be promoted for every day use for physical activities by students, competitions such as running and other low cost activities such as walking, cycling, by youth and others.

The end results will be increased awareness and use of the trails within the City of Kawartha Lakes, an increased level of physical fitness and health and an increased awareness in the enjoyment and pleasure an outdoor inexpensive physical activity can bring. We are pleased to receive this grant and would to thank the Provincial Government for supporting this worthwhile project.

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