The Kawartha Trans Canada Trail relies on volunteers to conduct the business and oversee the operation of the Trail. If you are interested in volunteering for one of the following committees, please contact us today.

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Finance Committee

To fulfill this function, this committee:

  • Monitors the budget
  • Oversees, and participates in, fund-raising activities
  • Makes sure that the assets of the organization are protected and cared for
  • Sets contract policy
  • Makes sure that there are enough resources to operate the organization
  • Makes sure that the facilities are maintained and that they meet the organization’s needs
  • Makes sure that there is an annual financial audit
  • Oversees development and implementation of the Fund Raising Plan.

Sub- Committee Fundraising Chair and Committee members

  • Reports to Finance Committee
  • Coordinate all activities of the Fundraising Committee.
  • Establishes sub-committees: Special Events Committee; and others
  • Develop a critical path and goals for each committee area
  • Attend all meetings of the Board of Directors and report on the
  • Fundraising Committee’s activities.
  • Hold regular meetings of the Fundraising Committee; design and distribute an agenda, take and distribute minutes.
  • Design and carry out high profile and profit-oriented events surrounding the trail.
  • Liaison with other committees regarding Fundraising activities.

Top Priorities For This Committee Are:

  1. Preparation and submission of Capital/operational grants for the development of the trail;
  2. Development and implement three key fundraising activities or events between June and December 2008.
  3. Develop a fundraising strategy by December 2008.
  4. Prepare flyer or brochure to solicit funds
  5. Assist in developing sustainable annual fund raising activities (e.g. special events using the trail – Terry Fox run)

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

Responsible for advertising, maintaining trail user statistics, monitoring, membership surveys and trail use surveys. Responsible for development and implementation of seminars, training programs, annual conferences, newsletters, web site development, updates, membership pricing structure and gaining new members. Plays a critical role in the following:

  • Designing and carrying out promotional and advertising campaigns.
  • Coat-tailing all existing provincial and government marketing initiatives, literature, marketing at the foreign consulate levels, trade missions, trade shows and others.
  • Media liaison and public relations.
  • Establish and maintain liaison with national and international tour operators, packagers, outdoors clubs, outdoors organizations that distribute newsletters to their membership, and other multipliers who can help deliver the message of the trail.
  • Design and maintain maps and information kits.
  • Work to identify and host events, competitions and the involvement of high profile persons.
  • Maintain a website that is constantly upgraded with news, events and promotional initiatives. This would also include assuring links with as many other websites, including but not limited to, outdoors gear sellers (i.e. Mountain Co op), outdoors organizations (i.e. Mountain Coop, Sierra), clubs, government tourism sites, and any other identified sites group where those same site visitors would be interested in the KTCT.
  • Oversees development and implementation of the Marketing Plan, including identifying potential markets, their needs, how to meet those needs with products/services/programs, and how to promote/sell the programs.

Top Priorities For This Committee Are:

  1. Maintaining the KTCTA website with current and relevant information daily
  2. Design, print and distribute KTCTA printed material
  3. Write articles about the KTCTA using press releases and other means to promote the trail
  4. Organize KTCTA events

Safety / Operations Committee

Ideally members belonging to this committee should have a background in legislation, risk assessment, trail maintenance and public relations. The committee will be dealing with all aspects of trail operations, safety and security, including working with:

  • Search and Rescue to develop policies and contingency plans in the event of difficulties encountered
  • Risk management – develop a risk management plan
  • Deal with critical issues regarding trail maintenance, upgrades, dealing with trail workers and volunteers, manpower funding, health, environment and liaison with the City of Kawartha Lakes Departments (parks, public works, and adjacent landowners).
  • Develop and maintain safety – related materials for distribution to trail users
  • Trail signage
  • Enforcement efforts – such as STOP patrols based upon Snowmobile Program)
  • Legislation – research and recommendations for by-laws for urban lands, signage for private and liaison with Police forces in efforts dealing with trespass and other violations on private, municipal or crown land.

Top Priorities For This Committee Are:

  1. Liaison with adjacent landowners as to the trail construction and development that is occurring;
  2. Supervise and coordinate trail development/construction activities between contractors and volunteers;
  3. Ensure proper signage is installed along the trail.
  4. Establish reporting procedure for trail violations or complaints
  5. Develop a trail inspection form for semi weekly trail inspections

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