Just north of Scott Young Elementary school there is a pathway the leads from the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail to top of a hill overlooking the trail and school. This land is owned by the Trillium Lakelands School Board and under the leadership of Kevin Adams (former teacher) students have been and are stewards of this land planting hundreds of trees and shrubs.

volunteer of the year

Steve Callaghan was honoured by Al MacPherson President of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail Association Annual General Meeting (November 29th, 2012) for his dedication in helping maintain the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail.

Summary – Summer 2012

A similar survey was conducted summer, 2011. There were 100 trail users interviewed at four different locations, different days and times on the trail.

  1. Top 3 reasons for using the KTCT were:
    • Exercise
    • Enjoy Nature
    • Recreation
  2. The months most often used were:
    • July
    • August
    • June
    • September
  3. 35% of the trail users stop in at businesses to purchase items.
  4. On the average between- $10-15 dollars was spent.
  5. 65% of the trail users did not encounter any ATVs or Dirt Bikes on the trail- 35% did.
  6. 30% felt signage was adequate; 30% not adequate and 40% did not respond.
  7. 75% knew about the trail by Word of Mouth- someone told them about it.
  8. 50% drove vehicles to access points to cycle/walk the trail; 35% cycled the trail from home; 15% did not respond.
  9. 75% were not aware of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail web site; 25% were aware of it.
  10. 95% of the trail users felt safe on the trail.
  11. Installation of benches was the major recommendation made.
  12. 100% of the trail users rated the quality/condition of the trail between Excellent and Very Good.
  13. Special events and donation boxes on the trail were the most common suggestion to raise funds for the trail.
  14. 100% of the trail users felt the trail was very important to important to have in the community.
  15. Top three improvements to the trail were:
    • Garbage cans
    • Washrooms
    • Parking
  16. Top three place of residents for trail users were:
    • Peterborough
    • Omemee
    • Lindsay
  17. Those interviewed – 50% were walkers and 50% were cyclists.
  18. Those interviewed- 50% were female and 50% were male.

colin angus

Colin Angus with Al MacPherson after an amazing presentation during the Adventure Travel Festival about his travel around the world using ONLY human power.

Fowlers Corner Repairs

A big thank you to the Fowlers Corner Lions Club for their successful repairs of the trail barrier in Fowlers Corner.

biker babes

Biker Babes riding the west section of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail.

Our 2011 Adventure Travel Festival was a great success!

Watch for information about our Adventure Festival speakers – Colin Angus and Kevin Callan, coming soon! Mark down in your calendar – June 1st and 2nd, 2012.

eric larson adventure travel festival

Eric Larson (centre) Explorer, Al MacPherson (left) President KTCTA and Pete MacLoghlin (right) Event Committee Volunteer thank Eric for his inspiration talk at a farewell gathering at Pete and Chic MacLoghlin’s house. The event was a great fundraiser for the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail. Plans are underway for the next event planned for June 1 and 2nd, 2012.

helping redeck a bridge

Students, staff, and faculty from Sir Sandford Fleming College Trails course along with KTCT volunteers help redeck the bridge in Omemee along the KTCT.

lease extended announcement

Rick Johnson (MPP) and Al MacPherson (President KTCTA) annouce (August 30/11) the lease extension of the Kawartha Trans Canada Trail unitl 2018. As stated by Rick Johnson plans are to have this extended until 2025.

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