The construction of the trail from the hwy 7 overpass west to Simcoe St. is now complete and the trail bed is topped with limestone and graded making for a great trail surface. This section is still technically under construction and will not be open for public use until the gates are installed and the bridge over the Mariposa Brook is repaired and decked. The bridge decking over Mariposa Brook should be completed by the end of the week, September 18th.

The extension of the trail east of hwy 7 overpass to Angeline St. is complete, however this section is not open to the public until the gates are installed.

The new trail across the campus property of Fleming College was completed on August 28th. The trail will not be opened however, until the bridges over the ditch areas adjacent to the roads are built and road crossings are properly controlled and posted with signs. This work will be done by the college students this fall as part of the Recreation Trails Program.

The new gates will be installed starting the week of September 14th. Once the gates are installed the new signs will be posted to identify the trail as part of the Trans Canada Trail and to indentify unauthorized uses.

To further control unauthorized uses we will be fencing the trail entrances at a number of the road crossings, specifically Station Road and Eldon Road. This fencing will be contracted out and completed this fall.

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