trail construction

trail construction

As of 4 pm Thursday Aug 20 most of the college new trail work is completed.

Section 1: Limestone Screenings will be installed- need to be leveled and compacted. The new berm is done, Dave will have the edges cleaned up later.

Section 2: from Student Residence to the Emergency Telephone – limestone screenings have to be leveled and compacted.

Section 3: this area will be tackled tomorrow

Section 4: Access to nature trail – the brushing is done – need to level/grade and add new screenings. this will not take too long.

Section 5: The new trail is excavated – subgrade material is being installed later today. Screenings will go on tomorrow

Section 6: area from Compost toilet to screen fence – this area will be excavated tomorrow

Section 7: limestone screenings is done – need to level and compact

Section 8: To be completed by Monday

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